life drawing 1


2 Responses to “life drawing 1”

  1. Alain Huynh Says:

    Hey Sensai Nick, It’s one of your disciples Alain, Yeah i would have to agree with Marco, it’s been about time you finally put something up. Awesome sketches BTW. Just wanna say thanks for helpiong me and getting me to where i’m at now. Must of been hard tutoring me because i experience it by trying to tutor these two young guys that wanted to get into Sheridan, and damn it was hard. They got in thankfully, but yeah, teaching is not easy. Now i know how you felt, ahahha. Anyways, i heard your not at Nelvana anymore, they still have your voicemail running when i tried calling, lol. Anyways, see you around, will chill sometimes. keep in touch, Peace.

  2. adam devries Says:

    hey Nick,
    these drawings are great love the energy and posing,
    I really like your art work, especially this post and your marvel sketches,
    im glad you encorporate a bit of cartooning in your life drawing and keep it loose and alive.

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