Conan 2


5 Responses to “Conan 2”

  1. Brian Says:

    you have a quite an impressive body of work here.. i didn’t want to comment on each entry and have you scroll backwards.. so I thought i’d just leave a message on the latest one… my favourites are the “model sheets” you did of the individual characters.. i especially like the pages with the pirates.. great work! are you in comics? your pages look really nice as well! thanks for the inspiration.

  2. nickkilislian Says:

    Thanks I’m glad you like the work.I have been in animation design for about 10 years and am currently doing some work for Marvel cheers.

  3. Mike Luce Says:

    I, too am a random wanderer who has enjoyed seeing your work. The Conan here is particular fun, especially as he has almost no wrists, wonderfully stubby fingers and that self-confident sneer. These are lots of fun!

  4. Shawn Seles Says:

    Nice stuff Nick.

  5. nickkilislian Says:

    Thanks Shawn. How is everything at Nelvana?

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